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Tooele County now provides a free database searchable by parcel number and/or street address.
Registration is required, but payment is only necessary for advance features.

The service, provided by the Tooele County Assessor, Auditor/Clerk, Recorder/Surveyor, and Treasurer’s Office, aims to provide a better level of service to individuals and professionals.
The Free Basic Search is provided for informational purposes only. Tooele County makes no guarantees, representations, or warranties, of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the content accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any of the data provided. Information in the Free Basic Search is not intended for use in legal documents. A title search may be necessary to verify accuracy. Property information contained here may be 24 hours old, or older.

A list of some of the information available is as follows:
  • Ownership Information
  • Tax Parcel Information
  • Assessment Information
  • Tax Information
  • Parcel Abstract Information
  • Document Images
  • Ownership Plat Images
  • Record of Surveys
  • and more...
Use this site to make informative decisions when reviewing your property records, doing genealogy research, or locating your next purchase. The possibilities are endless. Check back frequently as we are continuously adding new information and documents for viewing.

While using this information, it is always important to remember that the information is continuously updated and is only as current as the documents that have been worked by courthouse staff. If you do not understand what the information is showing, you should seek help from Attorneys, Realtors, Surveyors or Title Companies for an explanation.